Sarah-fiona's work is a celebration of the beauty of nature as captured through the lens. Growing up in the countryside, she is passionate about gardens, floral and all nature subjects. She also creates abstract and impressionist images of colour, shape, pattern and form. Most of her images are photographed in Scotland, many of which are created in her own garden and surrounding area.

Sarah-fiona’s first experiences of photography were in childhood when she borrowed her Dad’s Pentax film camera. Her childhood fascination and passion for nature and photography was rekindled when she moved into Kingfisher Cottage and wanted to record the beauty that resulted from the months of toil in creating a canvas of colour in her garden. A marriage bringing those passions together was inevitable.

Today she loves nothing better than the freedom to explore and appreciate the natural world around us.

Her photography is a celebration of nature and her aim is to convey a mood, feeling or story through each image, as well as to find new perspectives as she explores nature through the lens.

Sarah-fiona is delighted to have won category First, Second and Third Places as well as being a multiple Finalist in the International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition. Her images have been exhibited in Kew Gardens, London and in various venues in the UK and internationally, including Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. In addition her images have been published in several books, newspapers and magazines. In 2012 & 2014 she gained category wins in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh Photography Competition.